Labour Day

International Labour Day is celebrated on 1st May every year in several countries across the world to pay tribute to the contribution of workers. The day spreads awareness about worker’s Rights and also recognises their accomplishments. In today’s time social inequality Is still prevalent among workers across different industries and countries. Labour Day serves as a platform for these workers to raise their voices until the policymakers and politicians to work in the direction of social justice. There is an official holiday in various countries in the world on international liberty to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of workers. Various banners and flag are also decorated by labourers of different colours. At Sanskriiti, we celebrated labour Day by honouring our school didi’s, guard bhaiya & gardener. We appreciated them for all their hard work with a token of love in form of groceries and a beautiful card made by our school children . Children were explained the importance of labour day and they were very thankful to their school didi’s for taking good care of them & guard bhaiya for keeping their school safe.

About Us

The elementary Sanskriiti school is established with the aim of providing the best in class education. Under the able guidance of the chairman, Mr. Deven Khullar we plan to take this school to newer heights. The development of the site, the construction of the building, the landscaping is all witness to the ingenious and state-of-the-art ideas and processes harnessed by him.