Summer camp

Every parent thinks what’s the best way for their child to spend his or her free time during summer break. To some, It’s a time for children to play and have fun. And for others, it’s an opportunity for kids to learn new skills or a new talent. Summer camp is a great opportunity for a child to get introduced to new skills, become more independent, and stay active. It offers them a chance to explore their hidden interests, socialise and make new friends. Also it’s a great way to learn , enhance their personality and to get groomed for the upcoming school year. At Sanskriti School Palam Vihar , every year we conduct summer camp with full enthusiasm and energy. The teachers plan the entire summer camp in advance and set a timetable for daywise activities . It’s so much fun to see the excitement on the kids face when they get to learn something new each day because every day has something new to offer, so the kids wait eagerly for the next day to arrive soon. Our Summer Camp was filled with various activities like Splash pool,Yoga and fitness, Zumba and aerobics,Music and dance, Edu-drama, Stem activities, Creative crafts, Storytelling, Fancy Dress, Stage Exposure, Flameless cooking, Busy brain activity.In the end, The school conducted a culmination event where all the parents were invited and the stage was set up for the children. The children displayed all the new skills that they had learnt during the five week summer camp like dance performances, skit performance, yoga, science experiments. We hope to see the kids next year again in the hope of making their summers brighter & joyful at Sanskriiti.

About Us

The elementary Sanskriiti school is established with the aim of providing the best in class education. Under the able guidance of the chairman, Mr. Deven Khullar we plan to take this school to newer heights. The development of the site, the construction of the building, the landscaping is all witness to the ingenious and state-of-the-art ideas and processes harnessed by him.