From Chairman’s Desk

Greetings and Namaskar!

Welcome to all who are in pursuit of excellence. The bedrock of learning at Sanskriiti has been to make the child fall in love with education, the solid foundation laid for the little ones at Sanskriiti is largely responsible for the confident and holistically groomed children. Every nook and corner of Sanskriiti has been created by leading architects, keeping in mind, the needs of the child; we welcome you to a new generation learning laboratory – Sanskriiti – The elementary school.


The entire year is planned in such a way at Sanskriiti that the child graduates from simple to complex activities in a chronological manner. This is of crucial importance and distinguishes Sanskriiti, as a specialist in pre and elementary schooling, where physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of the child is given complete attention.


It is our belief that the good environment at home is of as much importance for the child’s development as the environment at the school. Our qualified staff remains in constant touch with the parents and grandparents of all the children. We arrange orientation sessions where by leading psychologists offer their valuable advice to the parents, counseling by our experienced staff is done regularly.

We are constantly at work to create innovative tools, teaching aid and methodologies, which help in the optimum development of the child. Research work is done in house, putting together skillfully crafted books exclusively for our students. The time that children spend at Sanskriiti makes them more confident, aware and socially conscious. They acquire leadership qualities and determination to measure up to challenges without flinching in years to follow.

“The child learns the best when there is no pressure on him,” This is the golden rule at Sanskriiti. The numerous events and festivals in which every child participates, lead to their all-round development and stage exposure makes them more confident. Picnics and excursions, and a plethora of projects, and innovative learning help the child in acquiring knowledge of the world around him.

The team behind Sanskriiti, is the pioneer in structured elementary education and has a vast reservoir of experienced staff that has molded thousands of little children in their formative years to successful portals. However, we are not resting our oars and we believe pursuit for excellence is a continuous journey. Let’s work with parents as partners in our endeavor to give our children “roots” seeped in Indian culture and “wings” to be Global citizens. I extend my thanks to all who have supported us in this endeavor.

I wish every student a wonderful start to their journey of academic life. “Jai Hind”

About Us

The elementary Sanskriiti school is established with the aim of providing the best in class education. Under the able guidance of the chairman, Mr. Deven Khullar we plan to take this school to newer heights.