The Kindergarten at Sanskriiti sets out what a 1.5 to 5 years olds are supposed to learn. It also defines how facilitators will help children learn through play way methodology of teaching.

The primary objective of rolling out a Kindergarten program is to provide the children with the strong foundation of learning in their early years of education. We lay emphasis on the overall grooming and development of the child, by creating the right environment and providing the right stimuli.

The kindergarten programs at Sanskriiti are:

Toddler’s (Little Fledglings)

(age: 1 year and above)

To us early learning goes well beyond childhood. We believe, there is an opportunity to learn the basics of life at this early age. The toddler programme is specially designed to incline the young minds towards exploration, no matter what stage of physical and emotional development they are at.

2’s Programme: Pre-nursery (Blooming Buds)

(age: 2 years and above)

Two year olds are highly active and interested in objects and people around them. Our Pre-Nursery program provides structural guidance to every child so that they develop the inquisitiveness, performs tasks singularly or with the peers and learns the basics in a play way manner.

3’s Programme: Nursery (Curious Kids)

(age: 3 years and above)

At three years plus the children are at a stage where they want to probe and ask questions. Our program assists our little ones to seamlessly graduate from play way learning to serious learning verticals like concept building, analytical thinking and improving the writing skills.

4’s Programme: Prep scholar

(age: 4 years and above)

At this stage formal learning begins with the classification of subjects like English, Maths, Environment science and Hindi. We have series of well-planned and carefully graded term books which fulfil all the educational needs at this tender age.


About Us

The elementary Sanskriiti school is established with the aim of providing the best in class education. Under the able guidance of the chairman, Mr. Deven Khullar we plan to take this school to newer heights.