Learning Curve

At Sanskriiti the academic year is not tenure but a continued celebration. When we take in the young ones in our folds the foremost priority is to settle them into new ambience, make them fall in love with their teachers and start enjoying the peer group. For this a positive strokes to the child about the school and the teachers is the most important thing and once they settle in and starts enjoying their peer group we look at building their self-confidence and develop empathy towards nature at large.


Our next target is to make them receptive listeners and learning how to learn in a team, yet managing their impulses and capacity to learn the next step in the ladder is to develop effective communication skills, buildup of the morale to look beyond the problems and find a solution for them. Thus, the learning curve at Sanskriiti is a happy journey which takes the child to achieve multiple milestones seamlessly during the course of his journey.