What are the parameters a parent must look for while admitting their child to a preschool?

What are the parameters a parent must look for while admitting their child to a preschool?

It is a totally different feeling when you are admitting your child for the first time to a preschool.

A parent is usually under a lot of dilemma and pressure to choose the right place for your little one to be enrolled in, where your child can blossom from a small bud to a beautiful flower. In this day and age where preschool education has become very important for the overall development of the child and parents are under deep pressure to admit their child to the best preschool around. A parent must look for the following parameters while admitting their child to a preschool

  • It should be child friendly with lot of open spaces.
  • The classrooms should be well lit and spacious.
  • The furniture, washrooms and the area around should be non-edgy and safe for a child.
  • Well experienced and dedicated teachers who are passionate about taking out the best in the   children.
  • The building must have a fire clearance.
  • Freshly prepared meals should be given to the children.
  • Whole campus should be under CCTV surveillance and direct relay should be given to the parents.
  • Help staff should be properly trained about child’s needs and habits.
  • RFID facility should be available to the parents.
  • Security of the child should be of utmost importance with access door facility.

We at Sanskriiti are equipped with all this and much more.

Sanskriiti strongly believes in the holistic grooming of the child. Our building is W.H.O approved with spacious classrooms and open play area which are ideal for a good preschool.

We at Sanskriiti strongly believe in 100% transparency and for that our whole building is under CCTV surveillance and direct relays are given to the parents so that they can see what their child is doing from their own comfort space.

At Sanskriiti we also believe in overall grooming and proper training of our help staff. They are trained in a way that they are aware about the habits and the needs of our little ones. From changing diapers to training them about how much to touch, they know it all. They have been groomed in a way where they know about each and every child individually.

Our little ones are so precious that their security is one of the major concerns for us and we at SANSKRIITI have given utmost importance to it. We have access door facility which refrains any unauthorized person from entering the premises. You can only enter if you are a staff member of Sanskriiti. Parents those who are availing school transport get the R.F.I.D facility wherein you will get the message from the school the moment your child reaches the school premises and same goes for the exit.

Lastly, sanskriiti has a well-trained and a dedicated staff who are passionate about serving our children in a best possible manner. Sanskriiti train their staff in a way that for them the children are their priority and utmost care is taken to make your child feel special.

Sanskriiti is not just a preschool it is a home away from home where we take care of child’s social, emotional and physical needs and work towards the overall grooming of the child. Our promise to you is that your child will learn something every day. Some days they will it in their hands, some days they will bring it in their heads and some days they will bring it home in their hearts.

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