What parents experience while admitting their child to a pre- school

What parents experience while admitting their child to a pre- school

What parents experience while admitting their child to a pre- school

Being a parent is the most challenging job. Parents love their children unconditionally and thus are willing to give them the best of everything. They sacrifice their time, energy and money for their wellbeing. They are under constant pressure to make their child feel happy and loved. The very thought of sending their child to a new environment, to a whole new world is enough to send them into panic mode and when it comes to sending them to a preschool it’s even worse. They are under constant dilemma as to when is the right time to put their child in a play group. There are a lot of questions and emotions that goes through their mind.

Will my child be able to adjust?
Will he /she be able to gel around well in the new environment?
Are we doing the right thing?
Is this the right time?
They are not able to come to terms to the fact that their child is ready to face the world. But let me put it this way that children are far more adjustable and stronger than we are. For them everything and every day is a new learning. They look forward to learn new things and experiment with them. Their energy and spirit is unmatched, “only the parents think otherwise”. They are unable to think that there little one is ready to take up new challenges.

We at Sanskriiti can assure you that sending your child to Sanskriiti is the best gift that you can give to your child. It is the foundation of your child’s formative years which will stay with him through his whole life. The things he will learn at Sanskriiti will shape him up to be a bright individual.

The children at this age are like sponge, they are ready to absorb everything even more than you can imagine. You as a parent should make use of this time to equip your little ones with the skill they need in their lives. sending your child to Sanskriiti will develop a routine in their lives along with other social and emotional skills.

We at Sanskriiti will help your child in developing that confidence which will help him to be ready to take on the world. Your child will learn to do so many new many things and will surprise you every day.

Sanskriiti gives them an opportunity for them to be in a structured setting with experienced teachers and their peer mates where they will learn to follow instructions and will gain a sense of self.

Sanskriiti can proudly tell the parents that by putting them in Sanskriiti give your child the best head start that he deserves.

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