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The elementary Sanskriiti school is established with the aim of providing the best in class education. Under the able guidance of the chairman, Mr. Deven Khullar we plan to take this school to newer heights. The development of the site, the construction of the building, the landscaping is all witness to the ingenious and state-of-the-art ideas and processes harnessed by him.

From thought evoking and aesthetically planned infrastructure, to well-equipped classrooms with state of the art facilities; from the dynamic learning and development programs for staff to self-exploration zones for children, Sanskriiti has attempted to bring in the newness to the education system.

Deven Khullar
CEO & Founder

Sanskriiti School Facilities

School also imparts moral teachings based on ethical values. Special assemblies are also organized with cultural activities on special occasions. Facilitates intensive training inputs for improving reading, writing and speaking abilities of the students with regular weekly tests and assignments.


Well equipped and documented vans. Regular checkups done. Caretakers accompanies the children during the pick ups and drops. First aid kit for emergency purpose. Verified van drivers.

Play zone

High-quality and well designed play area experience contribution to children’s cognitive development. Play zone helps in enhancing their confidence and imagination. In this zone.


52+ cameras all over the campus, access cards, enclosed campus , live camera access provided to the parents so that they can watch the child at their comfort zone, fire, alarms, ensuring parents peace of mind.


Balanced & nutritious, meals prepared by or in-house professional cook. High-quality and fresh ingredients are procured from the market.


Beyond Classroom

At Sanskriiti, a lot of focus is given to the activities which are beyond the classroom setup to meet the learner’s interest. It is also vital for the all round experience & development of the students.

Art & Craft

It is an Integral tool in child’s development as it fuels their curiosity , creativity and provides them with an outlet to observe, express, explore and excel through creating things. Art and craft also instills a sense of pride and achievement in a child. Creating things with hands helps children improve their motor skills, boosts their imagination & instills confidence.

Dance & Music:

Creativity and self expression are vital to your child’s well-being, and dancing is a fun way to get your child active. It helps in improving stamina, endurance and muscle development. Music and dance stimulates children’s brain. A strong body makes it easier to have a strong mind. Plus dance and music is a fun way to release your energy and excitement.

Life Skills & Value Education

We focus on laying the right foundation for the children to learn & imbibe simple life skills & values like good manners, respecting privacy , dining etiquettes, empathy towards animals, good behaviour. These are the skills that your child will need throughout their life.

Sensory Play

Sensory Play is about hands-on-activities that stimulate all or most of their senses. Picking things up and feeling the texture is what we often associate with sensory play, but it’s about much more than touch. Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a young child’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing as well as anything which engages movement and balance.

“Our Qualified Staff”


Preeti Singh

Nikita Bharadwaj

Ms. Sharmishtha

Ms. Isha

Ms. Sonal

Ms. Sujata

Ms. Madhuri

Ms. Saloni

Ms. Anireesha

Ms. Richa

Ms. Dimple

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